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with your

Very Important Puppy


Dog giving a high five


Find yourself digging deep with mindful living.


The first session will be a free 30 minute meet & greet. During this time, we will focus on getting to know each other and welcome mindful walking. This simple exercise is an important step to the sessions that follow.

Each session is once per week for an hour long. Here we will touch upon informal mindful practices such as, mindful listening, breathing and getting in touch with our senses.


During our last session, we will celebrate with a formal compassion meditation, as you lead the way to a new partnership with your companion.

Our curious mind will follow through their footsteps to a more enjoyable life. They are our gurus. We must listen to become a delightfully happy human being.   

Paw Adventures

Paw Adventures is awesome! From great National Parks to rolling beach waves, your dog will have the time of their life. The idea just led this service to be a reality. Caring for dogs has always opened the window of possibilities. Have fun during your vacation knowing that they are also having a vacation. 


Take a look through Fabi's eyes, and find jewels of your dogs. There is a delightful beauty in every moment, and these would be captured forever.

A Side Please

From Pupdates to personalized poetry, this space is reserved for the true artists (dogs). 

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