Get Your Feet Wet

Have you ever had the experience of finishing a task without knowing how you got there? Or maybe driving from point A to point B on autopilot? 

Imagine living our lives like this;

Missing each moment because we are constantly preoccupied with thoughts of the past and worry about the future. 

We do not have to live like this anymore if we choose to. 

By practicing Mindfulness, we can take control of our lives with moment to moment awareness and without judgement.

Feet in the Ocean



If you are 65+ and want to improve your mental and physical wellbeing, this workshop is for you! 

Specialized workshop that offers a variety of Mindfulness-Based tools and techniques to help regain your purpose. 

Having curiosity, intention and self-compassion helps to better manage and respond instead off react to difficult life transitions.

Fishing Float


Rippling Effects

Do you have a four-legged pooch at home? Then, you are winning already!

Did you know, that dogs are always mindful and in the present moment?

One of the many great benefits of having a puppy at home is that they also help reduce stress and anxiety in humans. Harvard has been conducting studies to provide more detailed evidence on this. However, there have also been other studies done by reputable institutions, justifying the service these creatures have been providing us for years.

Puppy Seeds ™  invites you to bring your dog/s along for a swim with Mindfulness. Learn new tools and techniques to live YOUR life. 


Your dog showed up for you. Will you show up to life?  

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